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Meet Logan and Lennon…

As a part of #ChildrensHospitalsWeek we are extremely excited to announce Logan and Lennon as our 2019 Champions!


They will serve as the face for children treated at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and will spend their year advocating for the charitable need of children’s hospitals across North America.


Logan and Lennon Heck are fraternal twins who were born 7 weeks early, weighing in at 5 pounds each. After delivery they required a 21 day stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where Lennon received special lung treatments and Logan received monitoring and light therapy for jaundice. Both boys required feeding tubes and IV’s until they learned how to eat on their own. After their NICU residency, they had outpatient surgeries when an identical urological problem was discovered around age 2. Around Logan’s 3rd birthday, a significant speech delay was observed. The audiology team at John’s Hopkins All Children’s conducted tests, and determined he suffered nerve damage in his left ear that caused hearing loss. Although Logan no longer wears his “magic ear”, his confidence in his treatment and love for the hospital is a testament to the quality of care he receives there.